“I have seen changes in my body…” Steph Weinburg

“For over one year, I have been working with Angel in a group fitness program. Angel has provided us with great workouts that have been both challenging and FUN! He never gives into our complaining but rather motivates each one of us. I have seen changes in my body since I started these workouts, specifically in increased muscle tone.

-Stephanie W.

“My son made his Varsity Hockey Team his first year of High School, I credit Angel Rivera…”

My 13-year old son, Alexis, began training with the express purpose of trying to make the varsity hockey team in his first year of high school – a mere 3 months away. Upon our first visit we met Angel Rivera who immediately made Alexis feel comfortable and welcome. After a rigorous first work out, Alexis exited the gym thoroughly soaking with sweat and filled with excitement. After a long summer and fall of intense physical training under Angel Rivera’s guidance and support, Alexis made the varsity hockey team last October which was no small feat.

I credit Angel Rivera’s expertise, professionalism and motivational skills with Alexis’ current success and what I believe will be much future success as well. Angel pushed when necessary and offered motivational guidance always. The skills that Angel continues to teach Alexis have clearly enhanced his performance as a high school athlete and have transformed him into a much leaner, stronger, faster and attentive young athlete. I feel very fortunate that my son has been trained by Angel Rivera and certainly recommend his services to any athlete that is looking to progress to a higher level of performance”.

- Rebecca A. Sheehan

“I Lost over 11pounds and decreased my risk for diabetes…”

“About a year ago my doctor told me that if I didn’t start making some serious lifestyle changes that I will soon become a prime candidate for developing diabetes. He strongly recommended that I adopt a much healthier diet and start hitting the weights on a regular basis. It would have been an understatement to say that I did not know my way around a gym let alone develop a practical workout regimen. That’s about the time I reached out to Angel Rivera.

Angel took a very consultative approach towards helping me reach my goals. He supplied me a comprehensive workout program that was broken down into 6 week increments that he referred to as phases. As I completed each phase, he would then give me another. Each phase was systematically designed to help me get to the next step of my evolution. Last year at this time I weighed 190lbs. I am currently holding steady at around 177-179lbs. My doctor is extremely pleased and so am I. I could not have done it without Angel.

- Ralph Daino                                                                          

  “I don’t feel like an old man anymore, the small aches and pains are gone…”

Climbing stairs, getting in and out of the car, picking up a heavy suitcase and general mobility was becoming a huge problem. Trying to do the things involved in everyday life was difficult and painful.  I had frequent lower back pain problems.  I felt like my strength was seeping out of me and my balance was uneven.  I was feeling like an old man!          

My older brother’s encouragement to hire a trainer is what finally got me started.  After I started training with you I can’t imagine trying to do this without a personal trainer.  The results would not even be close to the same without you.  Every time I would have stopped the repetitions if I were alone, you say two more and really push me to my limits.

I feel stronger, my balance, and flexibility has improved.  I no longer have difficulty climbing stairs or getting in or out of the car.  Stamina and endurance are vastly improved.  Many of the small aches and pains are gone.  The frequent lower back pain problems are a thing of the past.  When they do flare up, you have shown me how to get rid of them quickly and easily.  I don’t feel like an old man anymore.  Even when I walk, I feel like I’m walking more erect and confident.

 Abraham M. Levine