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Personal Training
Discover the benefits of working with an experienced and nationally recognized fitness professional. Together you’ll map out all of your fitness goals and design a high quality training program, custom tailored to meet your specific needs. Individual attention is a feature of each and every session allowing you to progress quickly and confidently toward reaching your personal goals.

Sports Performance Training
An effective training program designed to help athletes of all levels enhance their athletic performance safely and efficiently. The program takes into account the athlete’s specific sport and season. Every athlete is evaluated and tested to identify strengths and weakness. We use these results to prescribe a well structured, goal orientated performance program. If the athlete is preparing for a specific test such as a combine, showcase or a try-out, a series of pre -performance assessments are administered to provide a baseline score. This will be useful to determine the results of the program after administering the post performance assessment test.

Athletic Development Classes
Every session is delivered by Coach Rivera in a small group environment. The athletes are split into two separate classes depending upon age. Each class contains four major components that progress as the group becomes more advanced. They are called Active Dynamic Warm-Up, Movement, Strength and Energy System Development. These programs are 60-90 minute sessions, which athletes attend 2-3 times a week.